InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP Household Food Waste Disposer

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact disposer features patented Multigrind and SoundSeal technologies, which means they grind more with less noise.  The Evolution Compact’s SoundSeal technology cuts noise levels by at least 30% over standard disposers. The Evolution Compact Disposer is the ideal choice for small households or restricted cabinet space.  The InSinkErator brand is trusted by millions of consumers worldwide and appears to be a staple within the industry.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact boasts a 4-year in-home service warranty.  This warranty includes free house calls (including parts and labor) for the entire warranty period.

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InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP disposal Features and Specifications

  • InSinkErator Evolution Compact Dimensions:  13 x 9 x 13″
  • Product Weight: 20lbs
  • Two grind stages that quickly grind difficult foods
  • Ideal choice for small households and restricted cabinet space
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount for easy installation or replacement
  • 4 year in home warranty on parts and labor

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Disposal Reviews

Of the numerous reviews we encountered on the InSinkErator Evolution, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.  One reviewer stated, “This unit could be the quietest and most vibration free disposer on the market.  The anti-vibration innovations work.  When no water or waste is in the unit, all your hear is a mild hum.  If it was much quieter, you wouldn’t know it was on.”  Other reviewers raved about was the size of the Evolution Compact unit.  They felt that the small size of the unit allowed for more storage under the sink and easier access for maintenance on plumbing.

Reviewers (2 of 90) did seem to have one knock on the Evolution Compact Disposer.  They felt that InSinkErator should design the unit so a special 3-prong cord plugs and twist-locks into the bottom of the disposer, while still allowing for a hard-wired option.  This would apparently eliminate all wiring directly to the disposer, thus preventing mis-wiring of the cord.

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Our research uncovered this product to be a great disposal unit made by a reputable brand.  Though, there were a few complaints relating to the installation process, it appears all reviewers were very satisfied with the Evolution’s performance once it was up and running.  This unit is compact, powerful, and quiet. What more could you want from a disposal unit?  This unit definitely gets our strong recommendation.

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