Waste King 9940 Legend Series ¾ HP Continuous Feed Operation Waste Disposer

Waste King 9940 Legend Series ¾ HP Garbage Disposal boasts a 2700 RPM permanent magnet motor that produces more power per pound. It has stainless grinding components and a professional 3-bolt mount system. The Waste King 9940 Legend is sound insulated for quiet operation. It also safe for properly sized septic tanks.

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Waste King 9940 Legend Series ¾ HP disposal Features and Specifications

  • Product Weight: 11.2lbs
  • High Speed 2700 RPM
  • 36-inch power cord is included
  • Rust free grinding components
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty

Waste King 9940 Legend Disposal Reviews

The reviews for the Waste King 9940 Legend Series ¾ HP Garbage Disposal were overall positive. About 89% of the people who reviewed this product were very satisfied with its performance. This is a powerful disposal unit. One of the reviewers said that the Waste King 9940 has tons of power, fast speed, and is well built disposal unit. In order to test out this product, another reviewer filled the sink with steak gristle, dinner scraps, and some left over popcorn seeds all of which the 9940 made short work out of. He had to look in the flapper to make sure the food was gone, and amazingly enough this disposal unit never slowed down.

There were a few concerns in regards to the Waste King 9940. One reviewer felt that the 9940 had slower drainage speed than it’s previous unit. Also, this same reviewer said that water splashes back up into the sink from air being trapped in the disposal. However, this reviewer did credit the 9940 with being much quieter than it’s previous disposal unit.

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This garbage disposal is fairly quiet, but not as ultra quiet as some of the more expensive models. Having said that though, it is still made by a quality brand in Waste King and boasts a lifetime corrosion warranty. The Waste King 9940 is not the best disposer on the market, however it accomplishes all the tasks that you would ask of a disposal unit and does it at an affordable price.

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